The Senses, Part 3…taste

Oooh, what a gift it is, to enjoy a meal of such flavour and texture that one can only concentrate, bite by bite, on the experience. Delicious.
I learned to ‘taste’ my food in France. There was a young father teaching his 2 yr old daughter this essential concept. She was all in speed mode with her vanilla pudding.
“Non, non, non”, he gently admonished. “Goutez, comme ca,” Taste like this…and he demonstrated with a small spoonful, savouring a bit on his tongue. “Mmmm!”
That’s when I realized that didn’t linger, didn’t savour the meal, never mind a mouthful! I resolved from that moment on, no matter how pressed for time I might be at work, snarfing down my lunch in 10 minutes before rehearsals, I would slow down and taste what I was eating.
At least the first bite.
It’s an art.
I just need reminding, like at every meal.
Hoping you’re of a culture or a household far more aware of culinary taste evolution.

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The Senses, Part 3…taste

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