The Senses, Part 4…sight

Sight…to see or not to see…is that the question? :)
Easy to take this to its most basic form: eyes interpret the world around us. But how does one see beyond the obvious? At what level of awareness does the soul absorb what is seen and translate it to a feeling, or fuel an intuition?
There was a scene in “The Pearl Earring” where Vermeer was intent on opening the eyes of that maid to see beyond the ‘clouds are white’ tidiness. And then the realization of the subtle, delicate shades of cream, rose, greys, tinges of gold that were present…all she had to do was take that little bit of time, and patiently wait for the true colours to reveal themselves one by one.
I don’t ever want to forget to look at the clouds, or the way the light filters and dances with myriad hues of living green.
I want to see with my soul’s eyes, always, the infinite nuances of Living Colour gifted to the world.

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The Senses, Part 4…sight

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