The Senses, Part 5…hearing

My heartbeat would increase that little bit more right when a jet’s engines began their speed burn to get us down the runway and into the air. That sound became synonymous with another adventure!

My heartbeat would slow down in sync with ocean swells, supple, rolling waves rewriting the surface of the water, sounding tonal chants of the deep, profound in my hearing.

My friend who grew up on the Atlantic coast said, “The ocean is my mother.”

The rhythm and pulse of the waves and water is echoed within.
It calls me again and again to the breathe in the salty air, to dip my toes into the white frills greeting the beach.

It calls me to cast my yearning over the murmurs and thunder of moving waters and Be. Just Be in the voice of the moving tide of Life.

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The Senses, Part 5…hearing

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