The Senses, Part 6…extra sensory perception.

You know, the ESP thing. What the movies hype, what TV shows sensationalize.

It’s real. Like, Real real, to me, and to so many. (But it’s only a story unless you experience it, yourself!)

My mentor Sandra R. often taught that we are all of us, spiritual beings in a physical body. Children are naturals at being at ease with both aspects until perhaps, a significant adult has dismissed it as fantasy or an overactive imagination.

But the spiritual part of us never goes away, even if we ourselves no longer validate it. At times, it will surface and pierce through the veil of earthly life. We either pay attention or we do not. No matter, the effect will resonate and make us wonder…

You swear you heard a voice in your head. You sense the presence of someone you loved who has passed away. You are captured by a gaze with a person you don’t know; a few seconds of stillness felt like time stood still – you know each other in an instant that feels like forever.

Just a tip of the iceberg, in these short musings…

I’ll revisit it again.

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The Senses, Part 6…extra sensory perception.

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