Sound Synergy

I like to sing. When I was just a little kid, it was something we did in school, an all-class effort. We’d get to be on stage singing something at Christmas and a recital in Spring. We felt special up there, in front of the audience.

It’s become a lifelong love, this sweet synergy of music and performers and audiences. I thought about this last night, as I lay in bed still not asleep at 2 a.m….

Yesterday I had the privilege of performing with a small group of experienced singers during a significant church service. We had come from all over the area, about 20 of us, and had one rehearsal only.
It was magic.

Every once in a while you get this vocal compatibility factor that is pretty special, and we had It. Each singular musical element in us came to a heady fusion of harmony. Shared in true communion with those gathered in the sanctuary.

We felt special up there….

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Sound Synergy

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