There’s always a calm after the storm

There’s always a calm after the storm. (One hopes…)
We’ve all had periods of frenzied activity, emotional struggles, relentless responsibilities that tax our sense of firm feet-on-the-ground. You know what I mean, right?
Is it any different afterwards if the storm was all happy energies, joyous undertakings, uplifting events?
The calm, the calm, the quiet calm that comes upon us…we hope it lasts longer than a moment.
Enough to at the very least, catch our breath, remember who we are, still our ever-forward thoughts of ‘what’s next’ and just be.
Be still.
Be aware.
Long enough to calm the ripples in our pond.
Until the next rock thrown into our Life makes the waves dance to our very unique rhythm and response.
You got this.

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There’s always a calm after the storm

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