Perfecting a more patient me.

I have a very old aunt, in her 90’s. She lives on the west coast, far from me. I say this with great affection, but think of a fussy 94 yr old chicken! As the last few years have rolled by, it takes much more patience to converse. Every chat follows a predictable pattern. Her memory is slipping, you see. She’s in a time loop; the same few stories are mentioned over and over with the a well-spoken intonation. The rise and fall of her voice, the cadence of a familiar melody; it’s easy to just let it roll over me as I half listen to her.

I don’t know how long she’ll be with us.
Her life clock is winding down.
I can call, and I can listen, just a little longer.
She’s helping me grow, perfecting a more patient me.

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Perfecting a more patient me.

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