Mother/daughter relationships

Mother/daughter relationships – a fascinating, diverse kind of thing, yes? I was taught oh, so many years ago that we choose our parents.

Well, that could be an uncomfortable thought, couldn’t it?
Perhaps it has to do with the life lessons we’ve chosen to focus on this time.
Yep, that’s an uncomfortable thought, too….

Here’s the thing: moms and daughters love fiercely at the best of it. The fights can be fierce, too. So is the sense of pride, the disappointments, the hurts… any and all feelings. These emotional connections last a lifetime and well beyond.

Even though the relationship with my own mother was never easy, it hasn’t stopped my noticing all the sweet, fierce, proud, devoted connection between my friends and their mothers, my sisters-in-law and their daughters, and the next generations of women raising strong children.

I rejoice in each and every one of them.

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Mother/daughter relationships