Friend time

Friend time. It’s a mini-community thing, in a way, like belonging to various groups via work, volunteering, church, orchestra, choir, etc.

Family community is its own complex entity in all its forms.

But friends? We form a community of two, or any group number depending on what we do together. As I get older, I’m more aware than ever of my time spent with such good people in my life.

My one friend has mentioned more than once that women need their girlfriends. Strong bonds carry us, and we carry them through the quirks and complexity of being in real life. Men, as well, need their buds; often they share friendship through mutual sports or common interests. It’s their friendship language.

Best of it is when both women and men connect, bond, communicate at a level which pulls them into a sense of community.

We belong in it; allied friends keeping pace and anchored in the swirl and shifting movement of Life.

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Friend time

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